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Vacuum & Hydro Excavation For Non-Destructive Digging

Non-Destructive Digging (NDD): Vacuum Excavation & Hydro Excavation 

Vacuum excavation, hydro excavation or potholing involves combining high-pressure water jets to clear an area, and  an air vacuum to excavate the material from that area. This is commonly known as non-destructive digging (NDD). 

Vacuum excavators are most commonly used to safely remove unwanted material around underground utilities, cables, pipelines, tree roots or tracks, such as mud, dirt or slurry. BRP Industries offer this service for emergency repairs, removal or routine maintenance  inspections. We can also help in situations where there is no way of locating underground assets apart from non-destructive digging.

Benefits of Vacuum Excavation or NDD

  • environmentally friendly (chemical-free)
  • cost-efficient solution
  •  quicker than conventional excavation
  • safer than conventional excavation
  • minimise utility damage
  • reduced risk of line striking

The main advantage  of this non-destructive excavating service is removing the need to use invasive traditional digging tools or machines. Professional vacuum excavation or hydro excavation reduces the risks normally associated with digging into earth with the teeth of an excavator or shovel,  significantly minimising the risk of line strikes and utility damage.

Vacuum Truck

You want to firstly locate where underground services are on your site, then have them exposed with NDD. Vacuum Excavation and sub-surface Service or Utility Location are both services BRP Industries deliver in sync to effectively locate, expose and prove the exact location of underground assets for your organisation. We’re actually one of few companies who offer this combined service and provide our own equipment to sort it all, which is a huge advantage to your company.

Our Vacuum Excavation & NDD service will locate and safely expose or excavate underground utilities including:

  • Electrical cables
  • Communication cables
  • Water works
  • Gas
  • Power

Our truck mounted vacuum unit transfers the extracted material directly into a spoils tank, ensuring a safe environment with minimal ground disturbance, ultimately delivering low environmental impact – always top of the agenda for construction and utilities companies. Deciding on whether or not to use an NDD truck will depend on the type of  project, your budget, and the level of resource you’re willing to dispense. Overall, NDD is advantageous as it is faster and safer than simply digging with a shovel.