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Directional Drilling Canberra

Directional drilling technology in Canberra

Installing water, sewer, fibre, electric, and gas lines in Canberra often happens during busy times in areas with lots of traffic. To avoid causing disruptions to the environment and hard stand areas, it’s important to have a smart plan in place. This includes not only professional installation but also managing the project and controlling traffic on the busy roads in Canberra.

At BRP Industries, we are skilled at planning, managing, and successfully completing projects in all types of terrain. Our services include horizontal directional drilling and trenchless technology, and we work with clients in the telecommunications, water, rail, road, sewer, gas, power, mining, and renewables industries in Canberra and throughout Australia. We’re known for being a top supplier of utility constructions.

Canberra Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Our strategic drilling service enables us to drill beneath existing infrastructure, such as roads, railway lines, public areas, footpaths, and buildings, regardless of ground conditions. This saves time, money, and minimizes environmental impact.

Horizontal directional drilling is a low-impact trenchless method used to install underground pipes, conduit, or cables. It follows a relatively shallow arc along a designated underground bore path. We employ a surface-launched drilling rig for this purpose. This drilling method is ideal for addressing the environmental factors and traffic conditions prevalent in Canberra.

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Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra

Underboring In Canberra

In busy locations like Canberra, our meticulous planning minimises disruption to city areas and safeguards the environment.

For each project, our skilled underboring team establishes a dedicated area for our drilling equipment, away from bustling areas. They carefully plan a path to circumvent obstacles such as underground utilities and maintain constant communication to ensure precise drilling.

Equipped with advanced technology, we can effectively handle drilling tasks in various scenarios.


BRP plans a strategic approach to Canberra projects that guarantees:

  • Less disruption of commercial activities
  • Less disruption of traffic  
  • Minimal disruption to the general public
  • Reduced site rehabilitation
  • Avoid damage to the environment i.e. wetlands, creeks
  • Constant radio communication throughout entire process
  • Cost saving measures due to hard stand restoration 
directional drilling equipment

Our Directional Drilling Process in Canberra

At BRP Industries, we carefully plan and design your Canberra directional drilling project to ensure everything runs smoothly. This involves mapping the drill route and considering any obstacles or hazards.

Once the pre-planning and design phase has been completed, our experienced drilling team utilises the latest directional drilling technology and equipment to begin drilling safely and efficiently.


Following the conclusion of the drilling, our team ensures to clean up any debris or mess created during the process. Additionally, we will provide you with a detailed report detailing the drilling process and any relevant information regarding the obtained results.


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BRP Industries operate across three offices in Australia. We coordinate all projects in the Canberra region via our office in Bringelly and our head office in Somersby.

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Not from NSW or the ACT? BRP Industries also have a Gold Coast construction projects team working at an office in Varsity Lakes QLD.