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Utility Construction & Project Planning For Urban & Regional Sites

BRP Industries provide an all-encompassing, fully accredited service focused on the end-to-end design and construction of underground utilities for urban and regional sites. We have been actively expanding our service offering and expertise in this area since 2009, with an ongoing commitment to provide economical, highly-effective and environmentally responsible project delivery.

We work across utilities including gas, water, sewer and electrical. Our industry capabilities guarantee we deliver projects that provide value for money and the highest quality workmanship. Combined with our “can do” attitude, we consistently win contracts for major utilities construction projects across the country. 

BRP Industries team

Our complete service in the Utilities Construction space includes:

With a diverse range of backgrounds in the BRP team that we pride ourselves on, we can offer you an expert crew for every task, with top-level communication from start to sign-off guaranteed.