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Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

Installation of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)

With the average person’s attention span shortening and our road systems advancing, we need to be smarter with the traffic signals and signs we use on Australian roads. This has led to rising demand for installing smart systems featuring sensors, interchanging messaging displays and providing motorists with real-time travel, speed and possible delay updates. 

The goal of installing ITS is to keep road use smooth and efficient, with regular, timely updates to traffic conditions and upcoming delays. We’ve successfully installed such systems for recent clients, NorthConnex and WestConnex, as establishing an integrated, smart system on these two major transport projects in New South Wales will lead to better informed motorists and a safer road network.

As part of our service within the Intelligent Transport Systems space, we can professionally assist with the installation of this kind of infrastructure, as it involves a diverse range of installation technologies that we specialise in, including:


  • Directional drilling
  • Trenching
  • Non-destructive drilling techniques