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Project Management For Civil & Building Construction

Civil Construction Sydney project equipment

Project Management

BRP can offer you expert project management in a wide variety of contexts across the building and civil construction industry. We can also deliver this service alongside all BRP’s service offerings.

Whether it’s end-to-end design, quality assurance, or coordination and management of your project, we have the experience and the proof to ensure your project is completed on time and ticking every essential box, within an agreed timeframe.

Our project management service can include:

  • Arranging permits
  • Traffic control
  • Organising site visits, access or services
  • Surveying and plotting the depths of the utilities we locate
  • Rectifying any holes after we’ve exposed utilities for work
  • Communication with one BRP representative to minimise confusion

For optimum efficiency, we provide a single point of contact for our clients so everything regarding their project can be swiftly and professionally communicated. The safety of our workers, the public and preservation of the underground assets is always a priority for each project we work on.