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Vacuum Excavation Canberra

Non-Destructive Digging (NDD): Vacuum Excavation & Hydro Excavation Canberra

Vacuum excavation, hydro excavation or potholing involves combining high-pressure water jets to clear an area, and an air vacuum to excavate the material from that area. This is commonly known as non-destructive digging (NDD). 

Vacuum excavators are most commonly used to safely remove unwanted material around underground utilities, cables, pipelines, tree roots or tracks, such as mud, dirt or slurry. BRP Industries offer this service for emergency repairs, removal or routine maintenance inspections. We can also help when there is no way of locating underground assets apart from non-destructive digging.

BRP Industries offers vacuum excavation services in Canberra for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Benefits of Vacuum Excavation

The main advantage of this non-destructive excavating service in Canberra is removing the need to use invasive traditional digging tools or machines. Professional vacuum excavation or hydro excavation reduces the risks usually associated with digging into the earth with the teeth of an excavator or shovel, significantly minimising the risk of line strikes and utility damage.

Vacuum Truck

Our Canberra Excavation Process

Step 1: Survey

Assess the area and identify existing assets.

Step 2: Planning

Plan the vacuum excavation process, develop a safe work method statement, and review access requirements.

Step 3: Excavation

Our vacuum excavation equipment is used to carefully and accurately remove the material from around any underground assets or utilities.

Step 4: Cleaning

Remove the vacuumed material from the area and dispose of it appropriately.

We offer this comprehensive vacuum excavation service in Canberra for all types of projects. Contact BRP Industries today to learn more about non-destructive digging and our vacuum excavation services. Let us help you complete your project safely.

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