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Directional Drilling Regional NSW

Directional drilling technology in Regional NSW

Linking water, sewer, fibre, electricity, and gas across Regional NSW often involves installation during busy periods in high-traffic zones. A strategic approach is essential to avoid disrupting the existing environment and hardstand areas. This necessitates professional installation, project management, and traffic control for the region’s busy roads.

We service all of Regional NSW, including:

  • Dubbo
  • Coffs Harbour
  • Port Macquarie
  • Ballina
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Griffith

BRP Industries are leading providers in directional drilling and are trusted experts in planning, managing, and executing drilling projects across various terrains.

Our horizontal directional drilling and trenchless technology services cater to contracts in the Telecommunications, Water, Rail, Road, Sewer, Gas, Power, Mining, and Renewables industries in Regional NSW and nationwide. 

Regional NSW Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

This strategic service enables us to drill beneath existing roads, railway lines, public areas, footpaths, and buildings, in both wet and dry ground conditions, saving time, money, and minimising environmental impact.

Horizontal directional drilling is a low-impact trenchless technique used to install underground pipes, conduit, or cables. It involves creating a relatively shallow arc or radius along a designated underground bore path. We utilise a surface-launched drilling rig for this purpose. This drilling method is particularly suitable for the environmental conditions typically found in Regional NSW.

Dubbo in Regional NSW
aerial view of Lake Macquarie

Underboring In Regional NSW

On each project, we set up a designated area to accommodate our drilling and underboring equipment, away from congestion and daily activities.

Our skilled drilling crew are experts in planning horizontal bore paths, avoiding obstructions like existing underground utilities. Through constant communication, they manoeuvre the drill bit to fulfil the planned underboring path. Our equipment also enables us to provide horizontal directional drilling and trenchless underground boring in various situations.

Our planning processes help minimises disruption to city spaces and as well as safeguarding the surface environment, which is particularly crucial for busy areas throughout Regional NSW, such as Port Macquarie and Dubbo.

BRP plans a strategic approach to Regional NSW projects that guarantees:

  • Minimised impact on commercial activities
  • Reduced traffic disturbance
  • Minimal inconvenience to the public
  • Decreased need for site restoration
  • Preservation of the environment, e.g., wetlands, creeks
  • Continuous radio communication throughout the process
  • Cost-saving measures through hardstand restoration efforts
directional drilling equipment

Our Directional Drilling Process in Regional NSW

BRP Industries prioritises thorough pre-planning and design for your directional drilling project in Regional NSW, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. This includes mapping out the drill route and anticipating potential obstacles or hazards.

Following the completion of the pre-planning and design phase, our skilled team of drilling experts springs into action. We utilise advanced directional drilling technology and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient drilling process.


Once the drilling is completed, our team takes care of cleaning up any debris or mess that may have accumulated. We also provide a thorough report detailing the drilling process and offering any pertinent information regarding the results obtained.



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BRP Industries operate across three offices in Australia. We coordinate all projects in Regional NSW via our office in Bringelly and our head office in Somersby.

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