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Traffic Control & Management

traffic control

Managing traffic at a construction site is an important part of ensuring the workplace is safe, without risks to people’s health and safety.  At BRP Industries we have experienced staff qualified to provide this service with the utmost importance placed on safety. We work with high profile clients such as NorthConnex and WestConnex to deliver their integrated traffic systems, which includes a major provision of traffic control.

Not only do we guarantee a personal and prompt service, but we prioritise the safety of our employees, our clients and the many road users impacted by changed traffic conditions associated with construction projects.

Why is Traffic Control Important on a Construction Site?

It is critical to have traffic management on a construction site since it aids in the protection of both employees and drivers. Traffic management solutions, such as cones and signs, assist motorists in recognising hazardous situations and directing them around the work zone. Motorists may help to keep both themselves and employees safe by following traffic control rules.

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Trained & Qualified Traffic Control Experts

We are both accredited and experienced in offering traffic management and control services for civil construction projects, always applying the highest safety standards and using RTA approved equipment. Our service provides a range of traffic control vehicles, each fully equipped and maintenance-checked regularly to ensure the safety of our staff, your workforce and the public.

Why Choose Us For Traffic Control? 

FAQS About Our Traffic Control Services

At BRP Industries, we offer a range of traffic control services to help manage traffic and keep everyone safe. Our services include traffic cones, traffic lights, road barriers, and more. We can also provide traffic management plans to help ensure that traffic flows smoothly and safely.

Traffic control services can help manage traffic by keeping vehicles and pedestrians safe, and by helping to ensure that traffic flows smoothly. By using traffic cones, road barriers, and traffic lights, we can help to direct traffic and keep everyone safe

A traffic management plan can help to ensure that traffic flows smoothly on your property. At BRP Industries, we can create a custom traffic management plan for your specific needs. We will work with you to understand your traffic patterns and needs, and then create a plan that will help keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely.

At BRP Industries, we can keep your property safe for pedestrians by providing our traffic control services, this may include using traffic cones, road barriers, and traffic signs, we can help to direct pedestrian traffic and keep everyone safe.

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BRP Industries operate across three offices in Australia: our head office is based in Somersby on the Central Coast of NSW, and we’re also based in Bringelly NSW, and Varsity Lakes QLD. Our head office houses our management team, materials warehouse, and in-house mechanic for servicing and reporting. We also have a large yard facility located at Peats Ridge NSW, at the foot of the M1, where all our large construction equipment and bulk orders are safely stored. 

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