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Accredited Service Provider Level 1 & Level 2 Electricians


BRP Industries have spent the last decade focused on building a strong list of specialist employees through our project work with both communication and electricity networks across Australia. We are proud to be Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy authorised, operating with Level 1 & Level 2 accredited electricians. So you can rest assured that we have the professionalism and end-to-end delivery you need to deliver on vital power infrastructure  building projects. 

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Central Coast Level 1 & 2 Electricians 

As a Level 1 and level 2 accredited service provider for the Central Coast, BRP Industries is licenced to perform a broad range of work all throughout the Central Coast.

Learn more about our provided electrician service for the Central Coast.

Level 1 Electricians

Operating with Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 1 accredited electricians, we are capable of connecting you to the local electricity network with zero hassle.  Our qualified electrical technicians can work efficiently with underground or overhead power line construction, installations, additions, removal or repair with all elements of electrical infrastructure in streets, public areas or designated easements.

Level 2 Electricians

Our Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 2 electricians are licenced and trained to provide extensive installation, repairs and maintenance needed to overhead and underground service lines between your home, business, and the local electricity network. A Level 2 electrician can also handle metering equipment and live wire connection, (this is in accordance with Australian Wiring Rules and Regulations).