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Asbestos Removal

Professional Asbestos Removal

The removal of hazardous materials is a service our team offers with the highest level of reliability, professionalism and care. Our focus is to make your building safe again by eliminating this material from your property. 

Before we knew any better, plenty of Australian structures have been built with the naturally occurring substance: asbestos. This material has the potential to cause significant harm to the lungs if broken up and inhaled, but this can be avoided completely with a team equipped to perform a safe, time-sensitive removal.

Why Choose Us For Asbestos Removal?

  • Well trained and fully licensed asbestos experts
  • Put safety first by adhering to strict safety requirements
  • Ongoing top-level communication
  • Professional workmanship guarantee

Trained & Qualified Removal Experts

We hold an Open Class B Company ACM license, and are Telstra accredited to complete asbestos removal works under this license. All BRP Industries employees are trained and qualified in the removal of asbestos and have been audited and assessed in their capabilities.