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Asbestos Removal

Professional Asbestos Removal

The removal of hazardous materials is a service our team offers with the highest level of reliability, professionalism and care. Our focus is to make your building safe again by eliminating this material from your property. 

Before we knew any better, plenty of Australian structures have been built with the naturally occurring substance: asbestos. This material has the potential to cause significant harm to the lungs if broken up and inhaled, but this can be avoided completely with a team equipped to perform a safe, time-sensitive removal.

Why Is Asbestos Dangerous?

When asbestos fibres are broken up and suspended in the air, the danger of inhaling these fibres is a serious health threat. Inhaling asbestos can lead to several life-threatening illnesses such as mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. According to the Australian Institute of Health, Australia has one of the highest measured incidence rates of mesothelioma in the world. This is why it is essential to remove asbestos from your company’s workplace before it can harm your staff and customers.

Why Choose Us For Asbestos Removal?

  • Well trained and fully licensed asbestos experts
  • Put safety first by adhering to strict safety requirements
  • Ongoing top-level communication
  • Professional workmanship guarantee

Trained & Qualified Asbestos Removal Experts

We hold an Open Class B Company ACM license, and are Telstra accredited to complete asbestos removal works under this license. All BRP Industries employees are trained and qualified in the removal of asbestos and have been audited and assessed in their capabilities.

Commercial Asbestos Removal

At BRP Industries, we are fully licensed and qualified to perform commercial and industrial asbestos removal. With experience working on large-scale projects such as buildings and shopping centres, we fully understand that minimising your company’s downtime is of the utmost importance. That’s why our commercial asbestos removal professionals put an emphasis on being thorough and efficient.

Our asbestos removal services abide by the government regulations and laws and we make sure our procedures are always up to date. The main objective is always to completely eradicate all traces of asbestos from your work space, to ensure the safety and health of your employees.

Asbestos Removal

How We Make the Asbestos Removal Process Safe

In order to effectively ensure the complete and safe removal of asbestos at your workplace, BRP follows an asbestos removal process that focuses on safety and reducing risk.

Firstly, all of our workers must have training and certification before they are allowed to perform asbestos removal work at your workplace.

We then inform you and other relevant parties of the asbestos removal work start date. We do this ahead of schedule to allow you to make arrangements around the advised commencement date.

Before we commence our work, we put together an asbestos removal control plan specific to your workplace. As every workplace is different, having a specified plan further ensures the safety of all parties involved.

Once we have commenced the asbestos removal work, we make sure decontamination facilities can be accessed from the work area. This allows us to decontaminate any tools or items which come into contact with the asbestos removal work area. We also securely seal and label all asbestos waste as per regulations.

When the job is complete, a detailed clearance inspection is run by an independent assessor and a clearance certificate is provided. This is essential before your workplace is reoccupied.

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BRP Industries operate across three offices in Australia: our head office is based in Somersby on the Central Coast of NSW, and we’re also based in Bringelly NSW, and Varsity Lakes QLD. Our head office houses our management team, materials warehouse, and in-house mechanic for servicing and reporting. We also have a large yard facility located at Peats Ridge NSW, at the foot of the M1, where all our large construction equipment and bulk orders are safely stored. 

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